After Hours Care Information

Health Questions

Health questions and concerns can be answered by:

Health Link Alberta

Dial 811

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Urgent & Emergency Medical Care

For urgent and emergency medical concerns such as wounds requiring stitches, possible broken bones, chest pain, troubles breathing, you should proceed directly to the emergency department at the Whitecourt Healthcare Centre.

Whitecourt Healthcare Centre (Hospital)

20 Sunset Boulevard (off Hwy 43 on the hill)


Appointment Information

Scheduling an Appointment

Schedule your appointments well in advance. When possible tell the receptionist the reason for your visit. Confidentiality is always respected, and knowing the reason for your visit can improve your doctor’s preparation by deciding how long to allow for the appointment, making sure test results are available, etc.

Patients with chronic conditions who require regular doctor’s visits should make sure they book their next appointment as they leave. For the rest of us the doctor can usually see us same day if the situation is urgent, but we may need to wait a day or two in other circumstances.

Know your medicines, gather a list of non prescription medicines you are taking such as vitamins, herbal remedies, along with any prescription medications.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you need to cancel your appointment please do so at least 24 hours in advance. You can either speak to the receptionist or leave a message on our cancellation line.

No Show Policy

Due to the shortage of available appointments and the high volume of no shows there will be a no show fee if you do not show up for your appointment.

Regular Clinic Appointments: $50

Procedures, Medicals, Completes or Double Appointments: $100

All No Show Fees must be paid in full prior to booking your next appointment.

During your Appointment

Prioritize health issues since it takes 10 to 12 minutes to assess a single problem and decide on a treatment, the doctor may only be able to treat one problem in a single office visit. It is to your benefit to have the doctor spend the limited amount of time thoroughly analyzing one issue. The patients still waiting to see the doctor will appreciate it too.

Bring a friend or a family member to your visit is a good idea sometimes. You may need a support person if you are anxious or if there are language barriers. It can be beneficial for two people to listen to the explanation and the treatment plan(s).

After your Appointment

When you leave the doctor’s office make sure you follow the prescribed treatments and get any diagnostic testing done.

You will be satisfied with the healthcare you receive as long as you are honest about your health problems, take responsibility for addressing them with your doctor, and follow through with the treatment you and your doctor agreed on.


Your conversations with your doctor, as well as your medical records, are confidential. This information will not be released to anyone without your verbal or written permission. This includes your own family (including spouses and children) will not be able to access your information without your consent.

Other Information

Alberta Healthcare Coverage

Alberta Healthcare does not cover all services. Information on the fee(s) for uninsured services may be obtained upon request.

Forms of Payment

We accept the following forms of payment for services not covered by Alberta Healthcare:

Cash, Cheque, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit

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